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Merywen Wigley

“I was physically and emotionally fragile the first time I met Bill Mills. Despite that, Bill gave me an honest and comprehensive assessment of my situation and answered all of my questions thoroughly and clearly. He struck me as genuine and very knowledgeable from the outset, which continued to be true as we worked together on my case. Bill Mills is a straight shooter. We had open, honest, and frank discussions about the challenges in my case and he was always available and eager to talk with me whenever I requested his time. He was attentive and responsive. Furthermore, he’s a brilliant quick thinker, pursing new solutions and strategies to get over hurdles that cropped up as we went along. I also appreciated his pleasant disposition and good sense of humor at the right times.

One of the things that impressed me about Bill is how well connected he is to various experts in the area. When it came time to identify experts and witnesses, Bill reached out to the best people in their field and ensured we drew on the most relevant experience and expertise. This was a critical factor in our success. He also drew upon the wisdom of his partners at GMFM and I always felt that they brought the full weight of the firm to bear on my case. Legal cases can be painful and difficult, but my entire experience with Mills and GMFM was positive and fruitful. I enthusiastically recommend Bill and the firm.”