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Have you been injured or lost a loved one due to a trucking accident?  Since 1980, Mills & Mahoney, P.A., have been helping trucking accident victims in Durham and throughout NC receive the justice they deserve.  If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck, please Contact Us immediately so that we can help protect your legal rights. The attorneys at Mills & Mahoney, P.A., will aggressively protect your rights to fair compensation.

The owners and insurers of the large commercial trucks that cause these trucking accidents in Durham and throughout North Carolina have great  resources. You want a firm that can overcome the obstacles to getting you the compensation that you are entitled to.  At Mills & Mahoney, our personal injury attorneys in Durham will promptly retain the services of experts needed to analyze the cause of the collision, such as engineers with training and experience in trucking accident reconstruction.

The sooner we are involved and able to get these engineers analyzing the trucking accident for you, the better.  In trucking cases it is also important to gain access to on-board computers and data recordings at the earliest opportunity.  Often times these on-board computers and data storage device contain information that can make or break the success of a trucking accident case.   It is important to engage your attorney at the earliest opportunity so that critical information is not lost.

Truck Accident Attorney in Durham

Injuries caused by trucking accidents can have a devastating impact on your ability to enjoy life and support yourself.  When you have been injured in an trucking accident in Durham, or anywhere in NC, you need experienced counsel to help you get what you need to help you and your family through this difficult time.  Physical personal injury may include loss of limbs, permanent or disfiguring scars and temporary or permanent disabilities.  Mental harm may include emotional trauma, mental anguish, embarrassment, loss of enjoyment of life’s activities or nightmares.

The insurance company that will want to settle with you knows what you are entitled to – but you do not.  You need an truck accident attorney on your side to make sure that you get what you are entitled to as a result of a trucking accident.  We can help you with that.

As the injured party or a grieving family member, your problems may include mounting medical bills, lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, scarring, disfigurement, and losing your ability to enjoy life. The law gives you rights and we fight to protect those rights.  To recover what you have a right to for an injury you must have a team capable of proving that your injuries were caused by someone’s negligent or reckless behavior. As trucking accident attorneys in Durham who understand the law, the North Carolina court system and how to try your case in a court room,  we can fight for you and  help you recover what you are entitled to.

Durham Trucking Accident Lawyers

The law allows juries or judges to award compensation for many types of losses that result from injuries caused by trucking accidents.  These awards may include present and future medical expenses, partial or total disability, past and future lost wages, compensation for scarring, mental and physical suffering, property damage, and other losses that are recognized by law.  You have the right to know what you are entitled to and have someone fight to help you get it.

An experienced personal injury attorney at Mills & Mahoney, P.A. will be your representative to negotiate with the insurance company and lawyers for the company that caused the trucking accident.  Do not communicate with the other party’s insurance representatives until you have consulted an attorney.  You need to understand your rights before you can understand what you are entitled to and how to get what the law permits.  The attorneys have experience in analyzing all of the potential sources of recovery, which may include compensation available from your own insurance policy, or the insurance policy of a family member.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident in Durham or anywhere in North Carolina, Contact Us to discuss your case. In all cases involving trucking accidents we will have an initial consultation with you to determine the strength of your claim without charge.

If you choose us to help you, you will be backed by our credentials and experience.  We will aggressively pursue what you deserve in your personal injury claim.  For a free consultation, call the legal team of Mills & Mahoney, P.A. at (919) 683-2135.

Client Testimonials

“I came to Glenn, Mills, Fisher, and Mahoney with an extremely difficult legal dilemma that seemed impossible to resolve fairly and favorably. I was completely floored–and relieved beyond belief–when Carlos Mahoney called the next day to let me know that he had found a way out of the morass. It was a brilliant solution. Mahoney and his assistant made a truly awful situation much easier to deal with because of the integrity which they brought to the work. They answered all my questions promptly. They never dropped the ball, and were always up to date on the issues when I called, which was no small feat, since the matter had many moving parts and extended over several years. Through it all, Mahoney offered truly wise counsel, making sure that my emotions did not get in the way of my interests. He also guided the case toward a conclusion that was far better than I ever hoped or imagined. I cannot recommend the firm more highly.”

- Laura Edwards

Mr. Mahoney was recommended to me by another attorney for his expertise in insurance coverage. My case had several layers of complexity and Mr. Mahoney was able to navigate through them all in a strategic and succinct manner. His staff is nice and responsive and his fees are reasonable. I would highly recommend his services.

- Matej Polomsky

Could not be more pleased with my results. Carlos did an outstanding job in presenting all the facts in my case. He is held in high regards among his peers, and I was able to witness first hand why. Very thorough, with no wasted time. A truly class act. Highly recommend his services.

- Curley Schwatka