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Extreme Speeding in NC: How To Protect Yourself and Others, Get the Justice You Deserve

If you plan on taking a drive in North Carolina, particularly in places like Raleigh, be cautious. The state has seen an increase of 12% in deaths caused by car accidents, mainly resulting from high speeds, over the past year.

With the pandemic still raging, law enforcement and courtrooms are stretched thin. More than 140,000 drivers are charged with operating a vehicle in excess of 20 mph over the posted limit every year in North Carolina. Out of that group, only 5% receive a conviction. The vast majority get a metaphorical slap on the wrist.

Protecting Yourself and Others

If you’re driving on the roads in North Carolina and see another vehicle rapidly approaching, take caution. If the car is heading in the same direction as you, try to switch lanes to avoid a collision or confrontation. Additionally, if you notice an oncoming vehicle, regardless of direction, driving at accelerated speeds, call 911 and report it.

Many drivers ignore speeders because they feel it is not their problem. Unfortunately, if there is no one to hold these people accountable, the problem will persist. Additionally, while a speeding car might not seem like an emergency worthy of reporting, according to NCDOT, a North Carolinian dies every 21 hours from a speed-related collision. Therefore, calling the police or emergency services might save someone’s life.

Seeking Restitution and Pushing for Consequences

Extreme Speeding in NC

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident with a negligent and speeding driver, there are a few steps you should take, the first being to contact an attorney as soon as possible. While you might seem okay after the initial impact, your adrenaline is an excellent tool in biological deception.

Most injuries that occur during a car accident may not fully manifest for several days or more. You will need to go to a doctor as soon after the collision as you can to create a record of your injuries. Explain to the doctor about the accident so that they can make a note of it in your file.

When the police report is ready, pick up a copy. The report, medical files, property receipts, photos, etc., are evidence of a claim against the at-fault driver and their insurer. While you might want to pass on a lawsuit, remember that only action promotes change.

Involved in a Speeding Related Accident? Work With The Best 

Speeding is an addiction for some people. Some “super speeders,” about 16,000, have been charged three or more times for extreme speeding. The consequence is a slap on the wrist or someone’s death. What’s worse, is the next time they speed, may seriously injure or worse, kill an innocent person. 

If you’ve been injured in a speeding-related accident, and you feel you may have a case, don’t take any chances. Contact GMFM online, or call us directly at (919) 683-2135 today!