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What to Do After a Car Accident: Step By Step Legal Action Plan

Chances are you are reasonably aware of what you need to do if you get in a fender bender on the roadway, after all, most of us were taught this in our driver’s education classes. But do you know what to do after a more significant accident? More actions need to happen beyond exchanging insurance information.

This is a step by step process suggested to you, so you are prepared in the event you’re ever in an automobile accident. If an accident has already taken place, you will find this information helpful, and can use it as a checklist.

Step One – Seek Medical Help

We place this in the number one spot because if you’ve been injured due to an accident, the most important thing you can do is get medical attention immediately. Even if you feel as though the injuries are “not that bad” we urge you to get checked out anyway. Car accident injuries have a way of showing up days or even weeks later. When you get proper medical attention, you can potentially catch underlying issues that you might not know are problems yet. If you decide to pursue a legal matter from the accident, your medical information will be crucial to your case.

Step Two – Seek the Support of an Attorney

One of the best decisions you can make as a result of an accident is to have a lawyer look over your case to determine a legal course of action. Sometimes there is no case to be made, but only an attorney will be able to identify potential negligence and help determine if you have a claim.   If you’re unsure as to whether or not you have a case, try not to make that determination on your own. Contact a qualified attorney and take advantage of a consultation to see what options you might have.

Step Three – Work With Your Attorney and Build a Case

An attorney will be able to direct you as to the information they will need to build a compelling car accident case for you. They will collect pertinent information like your insurance policy, medical records, the details about the accident itself, police reports and the names of any witnesses. From there, the attorney will be able to acquire other information to support your case such as surveillance or red light camera video, witness testimony, negligent driver information and consult with car accident specialists.

Step Four – Attend all of Your Medical and Legal Appointments

It is essential you attend all of your appointments and keep all of your records as a result. When you’re making a claim, the insurance company will seek ways to disprove you are as injured as you say you are. This means if you miss appointments or constantly reschedule them, they may use this against you. Legal appointments are equally important as these are the best opportunities to learn about what is happening with your case, which may result in needing additional information for your claim to proceed.

Step Five – Let Your Lawyer Handle the Communication and Settlement

There should be very few (if any) times you need to have a conversation with anyone about your car accident outside of your attorney. Let your lawyer negotiate and communicate with anyone associated with your case. In the meantime, pay attention to your own actions and online movements that could potentially harm your claim. Do not post about your accident on social media.  

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