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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Medical Appointments for Injury Claims

During an injury claim for a car wreck, medical malpractice, or whatever the case may be, it is very important to appear for all of your medical appointments. The physical injuries you suffered as a result of the incident have serious consequences for you.  By missing medical appointments, you diminish the severity of your claim.

What’s My Responsibility as a Victim?

While it may seem like you have nothing to do except wait for the court to finish playing out, as a victim you have a crucial role to play. Your job is to make all of your medical appointments as well as all of your appointments with your lawyer. This helps the credibility of your claim.

Reasons why you want to attend all your appointments:

Missing a medical appointment can be detrimental to an injury claim because it may be seen as a lack of commitment to the recovery process and that you are not suffering.

Missing appointments can delay the diagnosis and treatment of the injury, which can prolong recovery time and potentially decrease the chances of a full recovery.

Missed appointments  can be used as evidence against the injured party in court to question the validity of their injury. It is important to keep all scheduled appointments with medical professionals in order to support an injury claim.

Risking your health is another reason. If your doctor made continuing appointments with you, then it’s probably in the best interest of your health to attend  those meetings.

Your credibility could be diminished if you miss what seems like important appointments with your doctor. Even if you’re feeling better, it’s much wiser to continue the plan  your doctor set out to begin with.

How Can I Help Make My Claim More Credible?

In court, a judge or jury will determine your fate. Your credibility means everything because most jurors will believe if you’re fibbing about one thing, then you’re probably fibbing about other things.

Some steps you can take to increase your odds of a good outcome:

Keep all of your appointments for your lawyer, your doctors, and court dates.

A medical record is created each time you see one of your doctors.  The more medical records your attorney can bring to court, the better things will look to the judge and jury.

Don’t get in any trouble. Stay as clean as you possibly can during this phase before court. Getting a DUI, or arrested for something could seriously destroy your chances in court for a favorable outcome.

Image plays a big role inside the courtroom. You can speak with our experienced staff at (919) 683-2135 if you have questions about your role in your personal injury matter. Courtrooms are unique places and your attorney is best suited to give you advice that will help.