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Misdiagnosis Is A Serious Problem

According to a new report by the Institute of Medicine, most Americans will receive a wrong or late medical diagnosis at some point in their lives. The report, created by an independent panel of medical experts, estimates that at least 12 million adults each year fall victim to such an error. Prior to this study, diagnosis errors have rarely been studied because they are difficult to uncover. Often they are only discovered during an autopsy or a medical malpractice lawsuit. Doctors may never know that they even made an error if another doctor later treats the individual.

A wrong or late diagnosis can have serious consequences. It can cause increased medical problems and even result in the loss of a life. A medical malpractice suit can help families receive compensation for the physical and emotional suffering they endure after a misdiagnosis. While not every misdiagnosis may be the result of malpractice, the attorneys at Glenn, Mills, Fisher & Mahoney have handled many medical malpractice suits and can help evaluate if malpractice has occurred.  Contact us for a free consultation if you or a loved one received a late or wrong diagnosis.

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