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Essential Facts on Construction Site Injuries

As a construction worker, your job involves severe risks and hazards. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that in 2019, deaths in the private construction industry increased 5% to roughly 1,100.

If you ever sustain an injury, it’s important to know your rights regarding seeking compensation and holding the responsible party accountable. Your employer may have workers’ compensation to cover your illness or injury, but that does not mean you do not also have a product liability or negligence claim.

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, or would simply like more information on the topic, our team is here to assist. Educate yourself on personal injury law, so you do not put your rights or your financial or physical recovery in jeopardy. 

Injury Types

You likely already know the leading causes of harm on construction sites, but reviewing them may help you build your case or support your compensation claim:

  • Falls, which cause roughly 35% of construction industry deaths
  • Struck by object, responsible for about 10% of construction industry deaths
  • Caught in/between objects, which results in an estimated 2.5% of construction industry deaths
  • Electrocutions, responsible for roughly 9% of construction industry deaths

The Fatal Four construction site hazards may result from OSHA safety regulation violations.

You and other construction workers may suffer severe consequences from construction site injuries, including:

Because of the severity of construction site injury repercussions, it is vital that you receive prompt and thorough medical attention after suffering an injury or illness. That way, you understand the extent of your harm and the personal injury/product liability case or workers’ comp claim you have.

Liable Parties

Besides your employer, several other parties may bear responsibility for your injuries, which means you may have a case against multiple entities. For instance, a vendor or subcontractor may have contributed to what happened to you.

Further, off-site entities may become negligent in their duties to keep workers and sites safe, such as engineers, equipment manufacturers, architects and suppliers. Even if you qualify for workers’ comp, you may also have the right to file a civil lawsuit against responsible individuals or entities.

Building such a case requires establishing a duty of care, proving the negligent party failed to uphold that duty of care and connecting your injuries to the responsible party’s negligence. A legal representative may help you meet the legal requirements of negligence and duty of care.

Protect Your Claim and Your Legal Rights

No matter if you only have a workers’ comp claim or both a comp claim and a potential lawsuit, the experienced legal professionals at GMFM Law are here to help you receive the full legal compensation you deserve.

If you have questions about your rights or the extent of your legal situation, you can fill out our case evaluation form here, or call our representatives directly at (919) 683-2135 today!