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Cardiologist Found Guilty for Overbilling Insurance Companies for Unnecessary Procedures

After a four week-long trial, a 56-year-old cardiologist was found guilty of healthcare fraud, making false statements relating to healthcare matters, and money laundering.  The doctor had been performing unnecessary tests on patients in order to bill Medicare and insurance companies around $7.2 million.  The needless procedures the doctor performed included unnecessary stent insertions, catheterizations, and coronary artery bypass surgeries.  Prosecuting attorneys told the jury that the doctor did this because he had a declining patient base and wanted to make up the lost revenue.  The doctor made $1.7 million from overbilling insurers for the unnecessary tests and surgeries.

Because of this lawsuit, some of the doctor’s former patients have filed medical malpractice suits against him.  Healthcare professionals, such as doctors, owe their patients a duty of care.  A guilty verdict in a criminal case for performing unnecessary medical procedures in order to bill insurance companies can be used as evidence that the healthcare professional violated their standard of care.  The attorneys at Glenn, Mills, Fisher & Mahoney have handled many medical malpractice cases.  Please contact us for a free consultation if you have been injured or have lost a loved one because a healthcare professional violated their standard of care.

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