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In-Car Distractions and Accidents – Who is Actually Liable?

In Car Distractions and Accidents Raleigh NCDistracted driving has become a much more common cause of accidents over the past few years. As time has gone on and in-car technology has continued to develop, there are more screens than ever in our vehicles.

From navigation systems to hands-free Bluetooth capabilities, rear-end cameras, and more — there is simply more technology in our cars.

But this may not be a good thing. U.S. fatalities and injuries from distracted driving have continued to climb, and reached a new high in 2016. It’s been found that nearly 9 out of 10 drivers regularly use smartphones or other technology while driving.

In this article, we’ll explore who is actually liable for accidents caused by in-car distraction. Let’s get started.

Are In-Car Electronics A Cause Of Distraction?

While most people associate distracted driving with smartphone use, smartphones are not the only type of electronic systems in modern cars. Most cars today come with advanced entertainment systems, and these can easily contribute to distracted driving.

If a person even takes their attention off of the road for a few seconds, this can result in a serious accident. If you take your eyes off of the road to adjust your radio presets for 5 seconds at 55 mph, for example, you will travel the length of an entire football field while not looking at the road.

While there are some measures to prevent these distractions, issued by the NHTSA, automakers are not yet required to abide by them.

Should Automakers Be Held Liable For Distracted Driving?

Even though there is no law that outlines the usage of in-car entertainment systems, automakers are not necessarily protected from liability if an accident occurs, and these systems are shown to be a contributing factor towards the crash.

Because in-car entertainment systems are a recent development, there is not yet a deep history of litigation that can be used to make these decisions. In the future, it may be found that automakers can be held liable for distractions caused by in-car entertainment systems – and those affected by these issues may be able to get compensation.

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