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7 Tips for Handling Insurance Agents After an Injury

When you’ve suffered an injury from an accident, you’re focused on your recovery. A call from an insurance company can take you off guard, especially if you’re in no condition to discuss legal matters.

Handling Insurance Agents After an Injury

One thing you should know is that speaking to an insurance adjuster may harm your claim, and it could lead to a disappointing result without adequate compensation. Not sure what to do if you’re contacted by an insurance adjuster? No worries. Our team of legal experts is here to help. Before talking to anyone, examine these tips for handling insurance calls.

Deny the Request To Record the Conversation

An agent will try to record your conversation, but they’re bound by law to ask your permission. Politely deny any request for recordings. Why? The adjuster may be able to use a recording to harm your claim in court.

You’re Not Legally Obligated To Respond

When the other party’s adjuster calls, you can politely refuse to answer questions and end the call. You’re not obligated to speak with anyone from another insurance company. An adjuster may try to convince you to admit fault or provide a detailed account of the incident. They’re trained to hide their real intentions and frame the conversation like a friendly chat. Tell them that you would prefer that they speak to your attorney. If you already have an attorney, give them that attorney’s name and contact information.

Take Notes But Don’t Admit Fault

If the other company calls and you decide to speak with them, ask for their name, phone number and the company they represent. Take notes on the conversation, but reject any request for information concerning your claim. Again, tell them you would prefer to speak to your attorney.

Your Words Can Be Used Against You

Any testimony you give another insurance adjuster may be able to be used against you in court. The adjuster’s aim is to get you on record discussing your version of the incident. They may ask, “are you still experiencing pain from the accident” or “were you texting on your phone?”

The company knows you’re in no condition to answer questions and sees an opportunity to exploit your situation.

Do Not Agree to a Settlement

Although you may be ready to put the event behind you, do not agree to a settlement over the phone. Settlement details should only be discussed with your lawyer and your insurance company.

Be Careful Speaking to Your Insurance Company

Although you’re required to give a statement to your company, do not reveal all the details of your claim until you’ve spoken to an attorney. The reason to be cautious, even when speaking to your insurance company, is because if the other person has no insurance (or inadequate insurance) and you have underinsured motorists coverage, you may be asserting a claim against your insurance company. 

Hire a Lawyer

To protect yourself and your finances, speak to a lawyer before resuming talks with your insurance company. You can rely on the professionals at GMFM Law to help you attain the compensation you deserve.

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