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Stay Safe After An Accident – How To Avoid Injury While In A Roadside Disabled Vehicle

When you have to pull over and stop on a highway, you want to make sure that you’re out of harm’s way. When you’re on the side of the road, you are  at risk of being hit by another vehicle – and suffering serious injuries.

In this quick guide from GMFM Law, we’ll give you some tips on how to avoid injury after stopping your vehicle on the roadside. Let’s get started.

  • 1. Stay Calm and Turn on Your Emergency Flashers

First things first, you should remain calm. If you were in an accident you should contact 911 and inform the relevant authorities.

Panicking after an accident can cause you to act irrationally, and increase your risk of an accident.

  • 2. Pull Off As Far Away From The Roadway As You Can

You should pull as far as possible off of the roadway, beyond  the shoulder if possible.   You want to put as much distance as you can between yourself and traffic.   This will help you avoid collisions.

You should also try to avoid blind corners and other dangerous areas of the road, if possible – if you are near one of these areas, drive until you’re in a more safe area.

  • 3. Get Out of Your Vehicle if it is Safe to do so. 

Get away from the vehicle by walking further from the road.  Many people are injured when they stand either behind or in front of their stopped vehicle and another vehicle collides with them or their vehicle.

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