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What to Do When You Are In an Accident Involving a Rideshare

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are part of daily life for many people, especially those who live in large urban areas where owning a car isn’t always practical. These companies offer people an affordable option for transportation with greater flexibility than public transit. They also present an opportunity for people to make extra money as drivers, delivering a service that’s often more affordable than taking a taxi. However, the advent of ridesharing services raises many questions of liability when accidents happen. Whether you are a passenger, a driver, or a third party in a rideshare accident, you may need legal representation.

What To Do If You Are a Passenger

Suppose you are injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a rideshare driver. In that case, the question of who is responsible for your medical expenses may involve several factors:

  • Was the driver engaged in any unsafe behaviors, such as speeding, texting while driving, or driving while impaired? If so, the rideshare company’s insurance may refuse to pay.
  • Do your damages exceed the ridesharing company’s liability insurance coverage limits? When this happens, you may need to pursue the driver’s personal insurance.
  • Did the driver meet all the legal requirements to work as a rideshare driver? If the driver was somehow improperly hired, the liability for your injuries might be more significant.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may have a cause of action against both the rideshare company and the driver’s coverage.

What To Do If You Are a Driver

Ridesharing companies must carry liability coverage of up to $1 million per accident. When you drive for a ridesharing company, you must provide proof of your personal auto insurance coverage. Drivers need to understand what the company’s insurance covers and for what their personal coverage might be responsible. If you feel the company wrongfully denies coverage, you should consult an attorney who can help protect your rights.

What To Do If A Rideshare Driver Injures You

If you get into an accident due to the error or negligence of a rideshare driver, you may be due compensation. You may suffer from physical injuries, property damage, lost time at work, and mental pain and suffering. Depending on the situation’s circumstances, the rideshare company’s insurance may be responsible. However, the driver’s personal insurance may be liable for the claim in some cases. Because of the complexity of the matter, the best way to safeguard your legal rights is to contact a capable attorney in your area.

Where To Get Help in Durham

If you’re in an accident involving a ridesharing company in the Durham area, contact Mills & Mahoney, P.A at (919) 683-2135. Our attorneys and support team know how to protect your rights. Contact us today to schedule a review of your case.