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New Durham Courthouse Flooded After Water Main Break

Employees of the Durham Justice Center arrived in the early morning to discover that four floors of the building had been flooded. This extensive flooding caused the entire building to be shut down and forced many to work all through the weekend to address the damage. It is believed that a cap on a water line broke off and caused the flooding.  While many courtrooms and offices were affected, the damage did not stop there. Hundreds of documents suffered water damage, but hopefully, will be salvaged. The Courthouse cost around $119 million to build and has only been open two and a half years.

The investigation into this flood is ongoing, but a lawsuit could result. If investigators discover that the construction company was negligent or made a serious error in constructing the courthouse, they could be liable for the damages. Construction companies must abide by strict building codes, because cut corners can cause extensive damage and injury. This applies not only in the business context, but for residential buildings as well. Homes must be built safely and well. Errors in construction can cause homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and threaten the safety of their families. The attorneys at Glenn, Mills, Fisher & Mahoney have handled many cases involving negligence.  Contact us for a free consultation if you believe your home or business may have been constructed negligently.

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