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Avoid Bad Counsel By Hiring The Right Lawyer

In the legal world, not all lawyers are created equal, which is why hiring the right one is crucial to the success of your case. A questionable lawyer will show signs they are not tending to your legal concerns or not acting in your best interest.

In this article, we will explore some of the warning signs of bad counsel so you can be sure to hire the right legal professional for your case.

The Warning Signs of Poor Legal Representation
Lack of Communication – One of the first signs an attorney isn’t interested in turning you into a client is poor communication. If setting up an appointment is challenging, having an appointment canceled more than once or if emails turn into a game of tag, you may want to seek a lawyer who shows genuine interest in you and your case.

● Avoid this Mistake – In your interview process to find the right lawyer, keep track of which lawyers appropriately return calls within a reasonable amount of time and which ones don’t. When you do finally get a chance to have a consultation, take note of how the attorney made you feel. If you felt rushed, not heard or judged; you’ll know who to avoid.

Lack of Legal Professionalism or Decorum – As you interview legal candidates, listen carefully to how the attorney talks about you or your case. Do they make promises, are they showing interest or concern about your situation, do they interrupt you or come off as smug?

● Avoid this Mistake – An attorney should always represent the legal field professionally and present themselves in the best possible manner. They won’t necessarily tell you everything you want to hear and they should want to get to the truth of your case. Trust your gut on judging their character and try to meet with your lawyer candidates face to face so you can get a sense of how they will treat your legal situation.

Poor Environment – Another interesting way a lawyer will speak to you is through their immediate environment. Take a moment to look around their office and space. How is that space kept? Are legal documents overrunning the office or is there stacks of unfiled paperwork? Does the area itself seem empty, either because of a lack of business or very few people seem to work at the firm?

● Avoid this Mistake – A poor quality office (not to be confused with an older or dated office) is a tell-tale sign that something is not quite right. A quality attorney will have legal help to tend to their cases or workload properly. Furthermore, if the lawyer seems disorganized this may reveal that they may treat your case in the same manner.

Vague Fee Structure – Our final point is about a lawyer’s fee structure. Be sure to ask about how the attorney’s fee structure works and what you can expect as far as a financial commitment. Even if the attorney works on contingency, be sure to ask what kinds of fees will be taken out of your settlement. For example, ask about the fees for emails and phone calls.

● Avoid this Mistake – If a lawyer seems to have a vague response to your inquiry about the legal fees, this should be a red flag. Quality lawyers will happily share this information with you and not hold back or be unclear about their fees.

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